What advisors say we do is enhance their client experience. The average life insurance policy takes 74 days from start to finish. It is no wonder that financial advisors avoid it. TBA has discovered a way to make life easier and more efficient using technological advances, personalized support & focused expertise. We simplify the insurance process so you can focus more on client interaction.


WE KNOW THAT LIFE INSURANCE IS NOT YOUR PRIMARY BUSINESS. That’s why we support you in all aspects of serving your clients and growing your practice, which allows you to position yourself as an expert in all sectors without adding additional responsibilities to your workload.

What makes a great business relationship? Friendliness, integrity, and knowledge are a few of the expectations that BB&T Insurance Services requires. We have certainly found all of these with TBA. Everyone at TBA is very friendly and always willing to assist us. The staff is professional and responds to us in a timely manner. The team at TBA goes above and beyond our expectation which has created a great working relationship.

Vickie Neal Wilson, NC September 7, 2014



Tennessee Brokerage Agency (TBA) was founded in 1959 by Col. John William “Bill” Felton III. Those who fondly remember Bill know that he was a true gentleman and patriot. He was a man who loved and served his country with pride and embodied a deep and long-standing passion for the insurance industry. He was a mentor to financial advisors and their clients; helping them understand what one could accomplish in their lives and for their families using insurance. Bill served on numerous boards and was a prominent member of community organizations including the Rotary Club of Knoxville, where he was awarded Rotarian of the Year. He was a true patriot, and as such, founded the East Tennessee Veteran’s Memorial to honor those who served, loved, and died for their country.

What this means to you and your clients is that you are working with an insurance firm that is built on character and a legacy of serving others. We step up to the plate when it comes to helping people and consider it a privilege to be a part of protecting your clients’ lives, families, and businesses. With Bill’s passing in 2011, TBA’s legacy and values continue to be carried on by his son and TBA President, John W . Felton, IV, and the entire dedicated TBA support team. As president of TBA, a position he has held since 1996, John continues the family legacy of community service. He has served on numerous local and insurance association boards as well as civic and social organizations. He is a past president of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors for the Tennessee and Knoxville Chapters, a former LIFE Foundation Board Member, and Past Chairman of the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA).


December 27, 1932 – June 21, 2011






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