TBA is the life insurance shortcut that helps advisors improve efficiency without adding staff. This generates quick response times and minimizes delays for your clients. Our unique service platform will help improve your client retention by offering the best solutions from top companies that help you better serve your clients and improves their experience. Working with TBA improves profitability by eliminating ineffective processes and frees you up to work on higher-priority items.


WE KNOW THAT LIFE INSURANCE IS NOT YOUR PRIMARY BUSINESS. That’s why we support you in all aspects of serving your clients and growing your practice, which allows you to position yourself as an expert in all sectors without adding additional responsibilities to your workload.

What makes a great business relationship? Friendliness, integrity, and knowledge are a few of the expectations that BB&T Insurance Services requires. We have certainly found all of these with TBA. Everyone at TBA is very friendly and always willing to assist us. The staff is professional and responds to us in a timely manner. The team at TBA goes above and beyond our expectations which has created a great working relationship.
Vickie Neal
Wilson, NC

TBA has been a real asset to my business for several reasons. I get prompt and reliable answers to my questions, usually with just one phone call or email. When I need a special exception on a case, TBA steps up and usually gets it done. I can represent far more carriers effectively through TBA than I could hope to do on my own. The TBA people genuinely care about helping me and my clients and doing the job right.
Brock Baker
Nashville, TN

Everyone at TBA has been super helpful and always so nice. It is a pleasure to do business with an organization such as this.
Vic Barnett
Waynesboro, TN

I have been in the insurance business for thirty years and through the years, I have been blessed to have made many good friends along the way. My relationship with TBA began many years ago and from the first phone call and first illustration I requested, the service has been second to none. I am treated like family and being involved in a family business is very special to me. When I get that treatment from the staff at TBA, it has significant value to me. In addition to relationships and service, you have to have products that compete in the marketplace and TBA continues year end and year out to provide me with what I need to secure new business. All the ladies are real pros and they give me what I need in a very timely manner. It is a pleasure working with these nice people.
Danny Nash
Knoxville, TN

I have known and appreciated the Felton family for many years. They have always been very professional and always responded to our needs. This included the staff. It is good to know that I can get information on their website, but it is always a pleasure to speak with anyone at Tennessee Brokerage because they are knowledgable, polite and incredibly responsive.
Louise Barnes
Sweetwater, TN

Tennessee Brokerage Agency has been great to work with. They have a good grasp of what we need and how to best insure our clients. Wendy and the rest of the support staff are very responsive and take care of any requests quickly and professionally. She keeps us completely informed of each step while waiting for approval and handles any problems that arise. TBA makes our job easier. Thank you!
Bill Thomas
Knoxville, TN

I have had the pleasure of working with Tennessee Brokerage Agency as my case manager for several years. TBA is very knowledgeable and has a thorough understanding of procedures necessary to make the underwriting process as easy as possible for the broker. TBA provides continuous updates of the underwriting status and is always available to discuss any problems or questions that arise. TBA is a pleasure to work with and always handles my cases in a professional manner.
Edward Owens
Knoxville, TN

It is nice to know that you can count on — every time — the folks at TBA to come through for you. As an agent, it’s valuable to know that TBA goes to bat for me as a producer and for my clients. It’s priceless.
Donnie Speck
Battle Creek, MI

TBA represents the top companies, has a user-friendly website and provides the assistance to manage my life insurance business needs.
John Milam
Knoxville, TN

TBA is the most professional, agent-friendly brokerage firm I have been associated with in 39 years. Their assistance and underwriting knowledge puts them on top.
Ralph Soulby
Knoxville, TN

I have worked with TBA for many years. They have always been easy to work with and very helpful. I appreicate their professionalism and their family atmosphere.
Ben Edington
Knoxville, TN

The support of our internal representatives at TBA has made the process of using multiple carriers much easier for us to manage at our new business. The service at TBA is efficiently quick and the communication and ongoing education are valuable assets.
Nathaniel Hester
Knoxville, TN

I have worked with Tennessee Brokerage Agency since I met Bill Felton(John Felton’s dad) back in the 1970s. I started doing regular and consistent business about 15 to 20 years ago when I realized that it was going to be impossible to place my life business on a consistent basis with my primary company. In addition, we do this in spite of the fact that we would be better compensated through the relationship with our primary carrier. Our philosophy has always been to take care of the client, place the business wherever, and the revenue will take care of itself. I find that the service is well above the “bar”. We have tried three other brokerage operations and none of them have equaled the consistency of Tennessee Brokerage Agency.
Gary Wolfe
Kingston, TN

Our agency receives calls from many brokerage agencies each year and our response is always the same. We have a relationship with TBA that allows us to spend our time in the most productive way. TBA has many companies and handles all of the correspondence and underwriting issues. TBA keeps us informed as the application progresses towards approval. We can always depend on receiving a quick response from the staff at TBA. We will stay with TBA!
Bobby Holland
Camden, TN

Working with all the folks at Tennessee Brokerage has been a pleasure. They are always willing to assist in helping you place your client with the best carrier for their situation. They do research to find you the best carrier for your client and answer any questions. I feel like they’re an extension of me and our office.
Denise Craig
Ridgely, TN

Life insurance is not the bread-and-butter of my agency. We offer it as a service to our property & casualty customers. Consequently, we are not as well-versed as we would like to be. I can count on TBA to make the process as painless and efficient as possible and to provide the expertise we need.
Christine Gleason
Lakewood, WA

I have one or two key brokerage relationships that have been developed over my 30+ years in the insurance business. TBA approached me after those relationships had been established but have always treated me and my staff professionally. It is just as important how a brokerage firm treats you when you are not sending them larger amounts of business as when you are. I applaud their professionalism.
Carlton Deaton
Winston Salem, NC

I have been using TBA for about six months. I was at first drawn to TBA because of the quick turnaround for my term insurance quotes. I like that I can submit my clean cases as well as my impaired risks and TBA does its best to help me place the business. I have recommended TBA to other agents because of their excellent service.
David Burt
Decatur, AL

I have worked with TBA for 20 years and they have been great! The professionalism they exhibit is first class. I have seen TBA grow and continue to get better and better. Great staff!
Mark Graber
Knoxville, TN

TBA has provided client solutions for my small client base for years. My situation has been unique in that my husband was ill with cancer for ten years. We lived a rather roller coaster existence as cancer is known to cause.

I have to say that Sheila and the TBA staff was supportive every step of the way. Often my requests were not easy as my clients were not always easy to service due to their own travel schedules and work schedules. TBA staff would sometimes give me quotes two or three times for the same customer because I might be on the road taking my husband to a hospital in Florida or Germany and I would not always have my quotes with me.

TBA understood my difficulties and took care of me when I know it was frustrating but they never one time let me know that nor did they ever make me feel anything but important to their business. I appreciate this treatment tremendously. It is nice to do business with professional people that are there to take care of you and your clients no matter how difficult the request.
Seprenia Joy Gue-Spille
Knoxville, TN

I have always received fast, professional service from TBA. It does not matter who you talk to, from their underwriters to support staff.
Terry Hecht
East Grand Forks, MN

I use the one-page app because it totally takes all the time required for paper applications and signatures off my hands. It was very burdensome and time consuming to email forms for signatures and go through all the questions. The DocuSign that comes with it is also a marvel breakthrough.
John R. Milam, CLU
Knoxville, TN

TBA always goes above and beyond for me, but especially in cases with underwriting issues. If we feel that the underwriting class wasn’t what we expected, or we need to do better for the client, Jennifer is always willing to help us revisit it with carriers and get us a better rating or offer. TBA’s superior service, regardless of who you work with in the office, as well as their flexibility have made them a great partner for us. We always use TBA because their dedication to us and the best outcome for our clients is unmatched.
Steven Sitton
Knoxville, TN

TBA is the best Life GA and marketing team I have ever partnered with. All the carriers we need are available, for every scenario – simple to very complicated, business and personal. TBA has an experienced support team. Their knowledge and depth of experience is a phone call or email away and they are always ready to assist when the opportunities are in front of us.
Ed Steffens
Tacoma, WA



Tennessee Brokerage Agency (TBA) was founded in 1959 by Col. John William “Bill” Felton III. Those who fondly remember Bill know that he was a true gentleman and patriot. He was a man who loved and served his country with pride and embodied a deep and long-standing passion for the insurance industry. He was a mentor to financial advisors and their clients; helping them understand what one could accomplish in their lives and for their families using insurance. Bill served on numerous boards and was a prominent member of community organizations including the Rotary Club of Knoxville, where he was awarded Rotarian of the Year. He was a true patriot, and as such, founded the East Tennessee Veteran’s Memorial to honor those who served, loved, and died for their country.

What this means to you and your clients is that you are working with an insurance firm that is built on character and a legacy of serving others. We step up to the plate when it comes to helping people and consider it a privilege to be a part of protecting your clients’ lives, families, and businesses. With Bill’s passing in 2011, TBA’s legacy and values continue to be carried on by his son and TBA President, John W . Felton, IV, and the entire dedicated TBA support team. As president of TBA, a position he has held since 1996, John continues the family legacy of community service. He has served on numerous local and insurance association boards as well as civic and social organizations. He is a past president of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors for the Tennessee and Knoxville Chapters, a former LIFE Foundation Board Member, and Past Chairman of the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA).


December 27, 1932 – June 21, 2011






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