Policy Review

It’s Good for Your Business!

Based on a recent study by the NAIC over 60% of people that own life insurance has no idea what they own and how it works. In addition, 29% said that they need more insurance, but no one has asked them about it. There have been several changes in the market and the industry that directly impact your customers life insurance, they include:

  • Changes in interest rates
  • Changes in mortality costs or costs of insurance
  • Changes in the stock market
  • Changes in policy design
  • Tax law changes

By offering life insurance reviews to your clients you provide a value-added service to them that will help them understand what they have, how it works and what are the strengths and weaknesses of their current policies. It also allows you to uncover other opportunities such as estate planning, business planning and charitable planning. Life insurance reviews are a great way to add value to your client relationships.