1 Page Application

Do you want to make selling life insurance easier?
Tennessee Brokerage Agency is here to help!

Using our 1 Page Multi-Carrier Application not only creates less work for you, but helps your clients receive the best coverage faster. Here’s how it works:

Coverage cannot be bound using the 1 Page process, and applicants must have an email to qualify for the process.


  • Obtain quote for coverage through TBA
  • Work with TBA/client to determine best product and company
  • Either fill out the online form or the PDF version of the 1 Page App and submit to TBA
  • A licensed TBA employee will contact your client via email to set up a time for a phone interview to complete paperwork
  • TBA organizes signatures from both client and you, the advisor
  • TBA will submit to the carrier, as well as any other reports needed for underwriting
  • Policy is mailed to you for delivery to your client

To get started, select the application process that works best for you and your client: