About TBA Turbo

What is TBAturbo.com and how does it work?

TBAturbo is a process brought to you by Tennessee Brokerage Agency (TBA) that allows you to quote term coverage, compare the rates of top term carriers, choose the carrier and submit an application electronically! The process is very easy and it is exactly the same way with all carriers! There are no paper applications to fill out, no signatures needed, no additional paperwork.

Why TBAturbo?

  • Quicker Processing – most cases are processed 12 days faster!
  • Quicker commissions – since the cases are processed faster, you’ll be paid faster!
  • Placement ratios increase around 10%.
  • Full case control through TBA with case status and support.
  • Fewer requirements – reflexive scripting may eliminate the need to order APSs.

1. Request for Coverage

Run a quote and complete the on line term request tool.
Click submit.
2. Give your clients the consumer leave behind brochure from the selected carrier:

3. Phone History Interview (PHI)

The carrier will call the client within 24 hours of the submission to complete the phone history interview.  The most common avoidable delay in processing is the client not completing the PHI.

Alternatively, after 24 hours the client can call the carrier themselves:
·         Banner – 800-839-5960

·         Genworth/Exam One 800-521-7113.

·         ING – 866-668-5825

·         Prudential – 866-724-4290

·         United of Omaha – 866-724-4290

During the phone history interview, most carriers will collect the bank account or credit card information from the client for the initial premium.

At the end of that call, the carrier will also attempt to schedule the paramedic exam.  At this point, the carrier will determine if an APS needs to be ordered.

4. Paramed and Application Completion

When the paramed meets with the clients, they will bring a copy of the completed application for the client to sign (this process is slightly different in Texas and North Carolina).

Coverage is bound at the time when the exam is completed and the forms are signed.

Once the paramed exam is complete, it will take about 5-7 days for the application packet and lab results to be received by the carrier.

When the lab results are reviewed, it is possible that abnormal results could result in an APS being ordered at this time.

5. Attending Physicians Statement

Medical records can be ordered immediately based in age and face amount limits, or they might be ordered a little later on based on health information or lab results as they are collected. It is also possible that when the first APS is received, it may contain information that the client had not disclosed earlier in the process.  This could result an additional APS being required.

The time it takes to receive an APS can vary greatly. It will depend on the medical facility. Some turn around an APS request quite quickly, while others are notoriously slow and unresponsive. Additionally, some medical offices use a copy service that is only on sight once a week.

The average turn around time from the day the APS is ordered until it is received is about two weeks, although on rare occasions some facilities can take more than a month.

In some circumstances, it can be helpful for your clients to call the facility themselves to follow up on the request. As a matter of common practice, it typically isn’t necessary.

6. Policy Issuance and Delivery

Once all requirements have been received by the carrier’s underwriting department, a decision can be made very quickly, typically before the end of the next day.   Some carriers take a bit longer.  Your case manager can give you some advice about current turn-around times at the carrier.

Once a policy has been approved, it is sent to the policy issue department.  It takes approximately one day from approval to issue.

Please note that companion files are held together and issued at the same time (unless requested to have them separated).

7. Reflexive Underwriting

If the carrier’s underwriter makes an offer other than the rate class you applied for, you can certainly request that the case be reviewed.  We will work with you to decide if we should appeal the decision, look at other carriers, or if the current offer is the best possible given the client’s health situation.

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