Getting Started

1. How do I sign up with TBA?

Simply fill out our TBA Producer Setup Packet under the Advisors tab on the Licensing page, and we will handle everything from there.

2. When can I start working with TBA?

Immediately. Once you have a case you would like to submit, we will email you the required paperwork and our licensing kit.

*Pre-Appointment (i.e. states, products, etc.) can effect this. A TBA staff member will contact you if this is the case.

3. How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid directly to you from the life insurance company. You will need to set up EFT for commissions, and it is the fastest way for you to get paid. This form can be found in your licensing packet, or you can contact our licensing specialist if you are already licensed through TBA.

4. What is AML?

AML is Anti-Money Laundering training. All the carriers require advisors to take part in an online training course, as well as periodic updated training. This is also available through LIMRA, which can be found on our website on the Licensing page under the Tools & Resources tab.


Case Management

1. How do I see my case status?

Real-time case status is available on our tranny cam under the Tools then Underwriting tab. To get access to this feature, contact us here.

2. Am I able to run my own quotes?

Absolutely! You can run term and permanent quotes from TBA.com by selecting quotes from our Tools tab.

3. How long will this take?

Underwriting times vary by carrier. Accelerated Underwriting or Simplified issue programs can take a couple of days. The average for normal underwriting is 30 days.

*Times are dependent upon APS retrieval and processing times.


Applications & Policies

1. Do I need to fill out this entire application and/or form?

Yes. The more information we have, the quicker the underwriting process. For faster results, use our 1 Page App or for term business use Vive.

2. Will you mail me my policy?

Most policies are now delivered electronically through e-delivery services, and most signatures are also acquired electronically using tools like DocuSign. If you need a policy mailed, you will need to contact your case manager who will have to confirm with the carrier that it is possible.

3. What is an APS?

It is an Attending Physician Statement. This can be the one item that can delay the issue of a policy, as the carrier and TBA have to wait on the doctor’s office to issue the requested records.

“Securities offered through The Leaders Group, Inc. Member FINRA /SIPC  26 W Dry Creek Circle, Suite 800, Littleton, CO 80120, 303-797-9080.

Tennessee Brokerage Agency (TBA) is not affiliated with The Leaders Group, Inc.”

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