September 4, 2015

TBA has provided client solutions for my small client base for years. My situation has been unique in that my husband was ill with cancer for ten years. We lived a rather roller coaster existence as cancer is known to cause.

I have to say that Sheila and the TBA staff was supportive every step of the way. Often my requests were not easy as my clients were not always easy to service due to their own travel schedules and work schedules. TBA staff would sometimes give me quotes two or three times for the same customer because I might be on the road taking my husband to a hospital in Florida or Germany and I would not always have my quotes with me.

TBA understood my difficulties and took care of me when I know it was frustrating but they never one time let me know that nor did they ever make me feel anything but important to their business. I appreciate this treatment tremendously. It is nice to do business with professional people that are there to take care of you and your clients no matter how difficult the request.

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